Xiaomi to Indonesia, Other Vendors Must be Vigilant

Xiaomi is phenomenal, it is not separated from the initial sales of their Android device directly in some countries which sold out in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Slowly but surely, Xiaomi has now been successfully perched in the top five global handset market.

Xiaomi bring Redmi 1s to Indonesia

Now, the vendor panda country has officially entered the Indonesian market. The first android phone that was brought to Indonesia is Redmi 1S is priced at an affordable price, only IDR 1.5 million.
The presence of water the soil can Xiaomi to make ‘misgivings’ other smartphone vendors that already exist in Indonesia. So, which smartphone vendors are some who need to be aware of the presence of Xiaomi in Indonesia?

Hugo Barra, Vice President of Global Xiaomi smartphone competitors say there are some that are considered as competitors Xiaomi, especially Redmi 1S. Barra issued a comparison table that maps on the specifications, performance, and price some Android smartphone devices from a variety of brands including Redmi 1S.

In the table, the mobile-phone looks familiar as the motto of the G, Oppo Find 5 mini, Galaxy Grand 2, Sony Xperia M2, Lenovo S930, the Nexus 4, Zenfone 5, and Nexus 5.

In the table, it can be seen that for business performance, the Nexus 5 occupy the top position and Redmi 1S one rank below. However, for the affairs of the sale price, Redmi 1S is in the best position, aka the least expensive. In fact, its performance is approaching Nexus 5 is sold much more expensive. Barra refers to the value or AnTuTu benchmark scores that show the results of each brand, where Redmi 1S reach around 21,000, almost close to the Nexus 5 is to achieve a score of 23,000 points.

Of the seven models of mobile phones in the table, all the vendor has been present in Indonesia, such as Lenovo, Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, Sony, Asus, and LG. Then, if these brands are concerned with Xiaomi expansion to Indonesia?