Valentino Rossi: I was just a bump on the head

Valentino Rossi: I was just a bump on the head
Valentino Rossi, who suffered a terrible accident at the Grand Prix of Aragon, Spain, on Sunday (28/09/2014) had reportedly suffered a concussion. But Rossi made ​​sure this time he has recovered 100 percent.

“I’m fine, all right, and this is most important. I do not get injured too badly unless there is a big bump on the head. Overnight my head a little sore, but now I’m 100 percent,” Rossi said as quoted by Foxsports on Tuesday (09/30/2014).

Rossi crashed on lap 4 great Aragon circuit. At that time, Rossi was just behind Pedrosa. The fall of Rossi begins his attempt to overtake Pedrosa in the corner. Unfortunately, Rossi did not get to take a position cornering which causes him to lose control and bounced up onto the sand.

Not only Valentino Rossi crashed, some riders had suffered the same fate. Among the fallen rider is Lannone Andrea and Daniel Pedrosa. Allegedly, because of the many riders who fell were circuit sudden heavy rain on lap 17.

In addition because of the rain, Aragon circuit itself is a difficult circuit conquered the drivers. Race itself was won by Jorge Lorenzo.

Rossi has about two weeks for the next race at Motegi, Japan. Rossi himself is optimistic that he will get the maximum points in the race later.

“I will try to do the best as I did at the last race,” said Rossi.

Is Valentino Rossi could again rule the Moto GP? We’ll see.