Valentino Rossi After Deadly Accident in Aragon GP

Aragon – Valentino Rossi showed his face after the terrible accident during the race at the Aragon Grand Prix held at Circuit the Gran Premio de Aragon Movistar, Sunday (28/09/2014).

Yamaha rider was greeted fans melalaui personal Twitter account, @ ValeYellow46. Rossi explained that he is still experiencing pain in his head.

“Hy guys, I’m fine. Except in the head (still spinning),” explained the Italian man.

Rossi crashed during the race has entered the fourth round. At the time he was trying to precede Dani Pedrosa from the outside. But because of loss of balance, even off the track Rossi.

The bike was run over sand suddenly bounced and make Rossi falls to hit a wall. After falling and hit a wall, Rossi was not waking up, the medical team came and distanced himself from the track on a stretcher.

Fear of serious injury flagship racer, management Rossi Yamaha was brought to a nearby hospital. Team doctor explained, the 35-year-old man had suffered a concussion. Fortunately, after receiving treatment, head injury Valentino Rossi continued to improve.