This Men’s Watch Seven of Women

This Men's Watch Seven of Women
Reading the mind of man is easier than knowing the mind of women, especially if the questions the assessment of the opposite sex. Men tend to judge a physical rather than a personality. Want to know what is most noted man when I first met with you?

Reported Amerikanki, Tuesday, September 30, 2014, following the most noted men.

Beautiful smile is the first thing to note man. For men, women smile a sign of happiness and optimism. That way, it will be much easier to start a conversation with a woman who smiles. Not only that, men also feel more masculine if running with a smiling woman.
Some studies say a smile can stimulate a more positive reaction. So if you want a man to fall in love with you, smile with sincerity.
Eyes are the windows to your soul. Because of the eye, one can assess whether you’re lying or not. The eyes are also a magnet that can attract the sympathy of others. The survey showed 70% of men pay more attention to the eye than the other parts of the body.

If you want to draw the attention of the ideal man try to maintain eye contact with her for a few seconds. That way, you can clearly understand if he would respond or start percakan with you or not.

Most men love the beautiful and healthy hair. They assess healthy hair is a sign that you take care of yourself well.

Men also pay attention to weight. Not that you should stop eating and starve because of the diet. Men love a slender body, but many of them are somewhat like the body contains.

That need to be taken care of is, keep eating healthy foods and exercising. Do not think of the perfect weight, because it will only make you frustrated.
Maybe you think that chest first thing to note is the man. But you are wrong, the assumption that is very shallow. Even some of the results of the survey mentioned that the chest into the back of the order, after the smile and the eyes are the focus of attention.
Fake Accessories
Men also pay attention to what you wear. For example, the use of counterfeit accessories, such as hair extensions, false eyelashes and nails. Make sure you look natural, because men are more like it.

Men look at the skin as a symbol of health. They believe healthy skin is certainly born of a healthy family and can give birth to healthy offspring as well.

For that, it helps you maintain healthy skin. Not necessarily white, but prioritize cleanliness. Reduce stress and enough sleep will keep your skin fresh.