The real story about nude photos of Emma Watson

Emma Watson
The world anxiously awaiting what Emma Watson, actress brilliantly brained, will be the next victim of hackers naughty nude photos of Hollywood actress spreader.

Recently emerged threat that hackers will release nude photos of Emma. The threat was apparently just a hoax. Said to CNN, Wednesday (09/24/2014), the threat of releasing nude photos of Emma Watson is part of a viral campaign efforts to close the photo sharing forum site 4chan.

Initially, a 4chan user makes the countdown to release photos of Emma Watson naked in four days. Its website contains the headline “Emma You Are Next” with Emma crying photo, 4chan logo, and the phrase “Do not forget, the biggest immediate release.”

Over the past two months, nude photos of the Hollywood actress her iCloud account hijacked released on the website 4chan. Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and many more are victims.

On Wednesday, the page turns. Who click on these pages is brought to the site with a message Rantic Marketing bertagar # ShutDown4chan (cap site 4chan). On the page there is also a message that reads, “Join us to shut 4chan and prevent any more personal photos leaked,” said a statement on the site. “These women are innocent and justified his personal photographs deployed. Together we make a change.”
There is also a letter addressed to President Barack Obama to be shut down 4chan. “Each like on Facebook, share and mention on Twitter will count as one vote – and will be one step toward closed,” the phrase in the letter.

Emma Watson, who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise, known asebagai intelligent artist. He studied at Brown University in America Elath and never taken a class at Oxford. Not long ago, as a UN ambassador extraordinary, Emma gave a speech at UN headquarters next to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon spoke about gender equality and women’s rights.