SBY Will Fight Election Aspirations Related to Direct

Local elections (elections) through Parliament has decided in a plenary session of the House bill last Friday, September 26 elections. But the Democrats will fight for direct elections while retaining 10 terms.

“I vow to continue to fight with the people that direct elections are the third option with these improvements can be implemented. Though I had not become president again,” said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) in Washington DC to the journalists who followed his visit in the United States, including Chief Editor Coverage 6 SCTV, Nurjaman Mochtar, Thursday, September 25 local time Friday (09/26/2014) Indonesia time.

SBY also claimed to be surprised with the improvements proposed direct elections, the House is not acceptable. “Why is our proposal to support the direct election of the improvements are not given space?”

“This is the result of my 10 years of experience. We want elections, direct elections to the improvement,” said SBY.

Parliament has decided the elections through the House in plenary session the bill last Friday, September 26 elections. Now also stay the President signed the law this election, but SBY claimed weight.

“I weigh to sign the Act (elections) because this setback (backward). I can not imagine,” said SBY.
House of Representatives passed a bill officially indirect elections or through Parliament in the early hours of Friday, September 26. A total of 226 members of the House of Representatives who are members of the Coalition Red White agrees indirect elections.

While 135 members of the House agreed direct election. Consists of political party supporters-Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla (JK Jokowi), 6 members of the Democratic Party, and 11 members of the Golkar Party faction. Democratic Party were included in the Coalition Red White chose to walk out or leave the plenary session.