Sand surfing in Parangtritis

Surfing is typically done at the beach with big waves. However, in the famous beach The beaches tour, now has a new tourist attraction that many tourists, ie surfing over the dunes.

Such as surfing the water, on the sand, tourists can surf using a surfboard from the top of the dunes to get to the lowlands.

Do not have a surfboard? No need to worry, there are rental surfboard sand with USD5 rate per hour.

“Travel in the dune surfing (hill) sand crowded since it started in 2012,” said Supri, manager of sand surfing in Parangtritis, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

According to him, the visitors who come to surf usually students studying in Yogyakarta or tourist from out of town. “Most certainly young people who like a challenge and want to feel the surf on sand dunes,” he said.

Every day, said Supri, there are tourists who come to tour surfing while took this photo while surfing or just pictures of just at the top of the dunes. “The most crowded during the holidays, ie Sunday or during the school holidays,” he said.
Not only traveled to surf in sand dunes, Supri claimed the place also rented for prewedding photo and movie syutingf USD 2.89 per hour rate.

Funds obtained from the tourists, not simply pocketed by Supri, but rather channeled to cash Youth Organization Village Parangtritis.

Not only local tourists, foreign tourists often come to tour and even during the day time when the sun is getting stung. “Maybe they are happy sunburn skin burning,” said Supri.

Budiman, one of the tourists, claimed had come with some friends to feel the sensation of surfing in the desert. “If surfing in the ocean I did not dare, fear of drowning. Better in the dunes, “he said.