Riedl impressed trainer Evan Dimas & Maldini

Friday afternoon became the first two players for the U-19, Evan Dimas and Maldini Pali, come to practice with the senior team. In a training camp in the field Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH), the two seem to blend with the other players.
Although it has been joined and started practicing on his return from Myanmar in the event the AFC U-19 Cup, both Evan and Maldini, enthusiastically following the end of the first phase of the TC. However, coach Alfred Riedl does not demand a lot from both players and burden them.
“We did not expect anything from them redundant, as we know them since last month. Of course we know they are very talented, and there’s no special thing they have to show that to us. But we could see them and know that Evan is a talented player, “said Riedl.
“Today we only see what they can do during practice, but it has nothing to do if they are selected or not, because this is a decision that we have made before,” he continued.
Riedl will continue to follow the players called to announce the second phase of the TC until the end of October on Monday. Riedl admitted along with his coaching staff have won a number of names to be called later.
“We know who will go with us or not. One day can not determine (calling Evan and Maldini), but maybe we can enter one or both of them to the list of players called up later, “he concluded.