Manchester United eyeing stop Ronaldo


Sidimpuan Online – Manchester United reportedly has begun to retreat from poaching Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The main reason is the United pullback to prevent the outbreak of harmony in the club.

Some of this has been at United for sheepishly admitted their interest to repatriate Ronaldo to Old Trafford. The effort seems to be much easier because Ronaldo unhappy with Madrid’s transfer policy.

But buying Ronaldo is still a complex transfer operations. In addition to its price, Ronaldo also requested a salary of 300 thousand pounds per week (after tax) if returned to United.

Parties United reluctantly obeyed for fear of the stars in their front line will be jealous. If Ronaldo came up with the biggest payroll, United’s Wayne Rooney worry, Angel Di Maria and Falcao wants a similar salary.

In addition, the United also began to think that Ronaldo accidentally flirted with them in order to get a raise in Madrid alone.