Kurdish women attack ISIS with suicide bombing

A Kurdish women fighters launched a suicide bomb attack to a radical group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on the outskirts Kobane being contested ISIS and Kurds.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the woman blew himself in a position in the eastern city ISIS Kobane, by killing a number of members of ISIS and Kobane surrounding the city struggled to master.

“This operation caused the death, but there is no confirmed number of people,” said Human Rights Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman, as reported by AFP on Sunday (05/10/2014).

He also reported, the attack was the first suicide bombing carried out against the Kurdish warrior ISIS are also often adopt the same tactic.

Kobane Contested City

Meanwhile, Turkish fighters who supported the US-led air strikes continue to fight ISIS in an important city in Syria. While Turkey evacuates residents along the border with Syria for fear of stray mortars hit.

ISIS radicals control part of a strategic hill facing to Kobane City on Saturday, October 4 pm local time. But their movement is inhibited US-led Allied airstrike and Saudi Arabia.

A government official in Kobane, Nahsen Idris, said that the group ISIS live one kilometer from the city. It just will not be enough air strikes halt the movement of ISIS.

Idris also complained of poor coordination between the coalition and Kurdish fighters in the field. The dusty border town becomes a very important battleground in the war against ISIS continues criticized mainly due to the release of a video footage of the beheading of British workers Alan Henning.

Fighting raged around Kobane after pressing extremists that their city was besieged three weeks. “ISIS progress in this campaign,” reported the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights