Jokowi frees activist Eva Susanti Bande

Eva Susanti Bande
Eva Susanti Bande
JAKARTA – Coinciding with Mother’s Day 2014, on Monday (22/12), President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) officially give clemency to women activists Eva Susanti Bande, who was sentenced by the District Court Luwuk, Central Sulawesi, for 4 (four) years since fighting for land rights of the people.

The decision to grant clemency was officially announced by President Jokowi while attending Mother’s Day 2014 which was also attended by Eva Susanti Bande, in the Sports Hall Ciracas, today.

Today I officially give clemency because I know that diperjuang by Mrs. Eva is the people’s rights, relating to land, “said Jokowi.

The President requested that the case experienced by Eva Susanti Bande, who fight for the rights of the people but must shortening land in jail.

“I think things like this that we must continue to strive, lest there again women activists who fight for their rights, the fight for the rights of the people it actually finally get into custody. No more anything like that again, “he said.

Previously when attending the Human Rights (HAM) in Yogyakarta on Tuesday (9/12), President Jokowi already expressed his attitude to give clemency to Eva Susanti Bande.
Jokowi claimed, he had received a request for clemency Eva Susanti some time ago. After studying the request, Jokowi decided to grant clemency to Eva.

“On Mother’s Day, sister Eva may already free and can get back together with her husband and their children,” said Jokowi that time.

Eva Bande was arrested Thursday, May 15, 2014, in the District Banguntapan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Native women Luwuk, Banggai this, arrested people of the State Attorney Luwuk team working together with a team from the Attorney General.

Eva is an agrarian warrior women activists. He led the People’s Front Oil Advocacy Central Sulawesi, an organization of people who fight for the rights of farmers to acquire land seized by creditors. Because this activity Eva Bande arrested. It is illegal for farmers to lead the fight against the oil company PT. KLS Piondo Village, District Toili.

The Supreme Court (MA) in the decision of cassation on 12 April 2013 verdict of 4 (four) years in prison for Eca, sesusai Central Sulawesi High Court decision in February 2011 and the decision of the PN Luwuk November 2010.

Eva charged with a criminal offense under Article 160 of Jo. Chapter 55 paragraph (1) to-1 of the Criminal Code. The Cassation ruling, Eva are applying for a judicial review with the Register of Case No .: 03 / PID.PK / 2014 / PN.Lwk dated August 21, 2014