Israel Set up a special program courses Indonesia

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On the surface, the relationship of Israel and Indonesia appear hot. Politically, Indonesia condemned Israel for its aggression to Palestine. But really, in terms of business, and Indonesia Israel relations continue to flourish. But this is not open to the public and remain confidential.
One of the indicators as reported by the Times of Israel, Israel-Indonesia trade value last year are forecast to exceed $ 250 million, or nearly touching Rp 3 trillion. Other indicators lovingly Indonesia and Israel business relationship is cooperation program between the two countries.
Via trade, Israel has laid the foundation to be accepted in Indonesia, one of the largest Muslim country in the world.

Steve Stein is a humanitarian program that has been designing and development in Indonesia since the early 90’s. The goal for Indonesia sees Israel in a positive way to then smooth the trade and investment cooperation.

“Expanding relationships by creating a long-term program specifically Indonesia through academic, agriculture for food security and medical cooperation,” Stein said as quoted by the Times of Israel, Thursday (18/9).

“It will expose the young generation of Indonesia to the land of Israel and its people, academic and business communities,” he wrote in an email.

Ron Doron, Israeli entrepreneur who has worked together with Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia and Indonesia said the approach to business with Asian countries is different from other countries. Typically, Israeli companies do not have the patience for the long-term nature. But they are willing to put aside for the sake of stealing hearts Asian countries. The reason is, it takes time to approach.

“That’s one of the problems for the Israeli company. In Asia, you need to look for a long term. You can not do the business for the short term. Takes time to build relationships and confidence,” said Ron.