Indonesian military will buy Jet Amphibians to Fight Illegal Fishing

 Jet Amphibians
 Jet Amphibians
Air Force Chief Marshal Ida Bagus Putu Dunia said the military will buy amphibious jet, in order to maximize efforts to combat illegal fishing practices in Indonesian waters. Amphibians jet will serve in the military activities run sea patrols and air patrols.

“One of the Amphibian Jet aircraft types namely BE 200,” said Ida Bagus, in a press conference at the TNI Headquarters Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Monday (12/22/2014).

Ida Bagus said, the amphibious jet purchase plan expressed in the President Joko Widodo do blusukan to the border regions of Indonesia, precisely in the area of East Kalimantan. When the patrol activity Jokowi see on land and sea patrols of the military in maintaining the territorial waters of Indonesia. Then, said Ida Bagus, TNI offers a solution to Jokowi to buy jet amphibians.

“We say the solution in terms of implementation and enforcement of illegal fishing in the sea, in the form of amphibious aircraft that can land on the sea with characteristics capable in high waves,” said Ida Bagus.

Ida Bagus explained, with its ability to land on the surface of the sea, the amphibious jet can hold the fish thieves from running away. Jet is also able to bring a team to conduct maritime security. Ida said Jokowi approve the proposal.

“And then he (Jokowi) agree with the idea,” said Ida Bagus.

Amphibians jet is a jet from Russia. The jet is typically used for the forest fighters being able to transport water bombs. In addition, the jet is also used by the team Sar for disaster management activities and search people.