Google Simplifies Smartphone Upgrade ‘Ara Project’

Ara Project
Google has announced a smartphone innovations that can be disassembled and install. Named ‘Project Ara’, a smartphone next year planned to circulate this component can be upgraded at will of the user.
Tuesday (30/09/2014), Google plans to launch their first smartphone based on the modular prototype Ara Project in early 2015 Reportedly, the California-based company will soon show the superiority of Ara Project in December 2014.

Ara Project is basically a platform that allows users to customize the handset by selecting the desired components. Looks similar to a desktop PC, if you want a more powerful processor, users simply unplug the old processor and add the new processor.

Not only the CPU, users can also upgrade components such as screens with higher resolution cameras or upgrade. The leader of the project ‘Project Ara’, Paul Eremenko said, the phone will run a custom version of Google’s Android software L.

This indicates that the modular smartphone can be easily upgraded components without the need to turn off the device. However, you need to restart or reboot the device to make the components that have been upgraded to work.

That said, this modular smartphone will reportedly be sold at the lowest price, which is $ 50 or almost Rp600 thousand. Reported Techland.time, price target is intended for users in developing countries.