Dr. Firman Hartono: pioneering missile turbojet engine as a measure of independence of military technology

The development of the field of military technology in Indonesia is not yet on par with developed countries like the United States and Russia. But that does not mean that Indonesia does not have the ability to create equipment for military purposes or means of combat itself. Research conducted by Dr. Firman Hartono, ST, MT, one of the lecturers Aeronautics Bandung Institute of Technology, has proven that Indonesia also able to develop the technology in the military field, the turbojet engine technology for cruise missile types.
In contrast to the direct ballistic missile projectile launched by a satellite dish and a limited distance, type of cruise missile is a missile capable of flying with the distance far enough to achieve the target and with a height of only approximately twenty meters above sea level. This capability makes the type of cruise missile able to avoid radar and make it as effective missile. The missile consists of a computerized navigation section, part of fuel and missile propulsion engine parts. The engine that drives the missile is a turbojet engine. 
Turbojet engine developed by Dr. Firman Hartono called Turbojet Engines 500 N. This machine is the result of cooperation with other colleagues in the various areas, such as aerodynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, production techniques and materials. This cooperation is carried out because the missile turbojet engine is the application of many scientific focus. Dr. Firman Hartono also explained that the reason he chose to do research on missile turbojet engine is due to its own missile-making criteria are relatively heavy. “The operation of the missile engines usually only for one to two hours to make the machine easy basic material in the country without the need to import from outside. Incidentally in Indonesia is also yet to be developed,” said Dr. Firman Hartono.
Like all successful trip, this study also faced obstacles in keberjalannya. Research and manufacture of machines takes quite a long while research funding from the government is limited by time. Alternation of periods of government create new bureaucracies in research funding to be slightly different and more difficult. In addition to working with a variety of other fields, research turbojet engine is also collaborating with the Ministry of Defence and Security (Ministry of Defense) in terms of funding. Unfortunately the new Kemhan can seek the help of internal funds for research by 2016. However, this constraint does not necessarily make the research stopped. Dr. Firman explained that there are other components of the turbojet engine that can be used as research material and studied more in advance such as fuel efficiency or engine compressor. “If the funding again stalled as we do the calculations based research and computing, because it does not need to be expensive,” he added.
500 N turbojet engine developed by Dr. Firman Hartono is actually a simple turbojet engine. But with modifications and further research, will continue to be improvements on the turbojet engine. Turbojet engine manufacture high quality with low production cost is a challenge in the future. Of missile turbojet engine is expected to be born of creative works of other technologies that are larger than the nation’s children. “We must use the product of the nation, which starts from the desire to create works in a country like this,” concluded Dr. Firman Hartono.