Curse hours most expensive in the world

Curse of the most expensive watch in the world billionaires happen again with the death of the owner of an hour, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani, two days before the hour for £ 15 million were sold.

Reporting from the Mirror, Sunday, November 16, Al-Thani died suddenly at age 48 from complications of heart, continuing the story of the fateful list associated with Patek Philippe 1933.

Hours purchased Qatari royal family members 15 years ago, for $ 11 million, or about Rp135 billion, is actually known as the most beautiful clock in the world. How to be associated with the curse of death for the owner?

The story of the curse was referring to the story of its first owner, Henry Graves, who asked legendary watchmaker Patek Phillipe, to create one of the most complicated watch in the world, in 1925.

It took three years for the legendary Swiss watchmaker to do research, and five years to make it up to 1933. The watches that have sound bells of Westminster was partly made of gold.

Equipped with a perpetual calendar, moon, power reserve indicator at sunset and sunrise, as well as images of the night sky city of New York. In total there are 24 horological complicated, until it holds the title of clock hours terumit for 56 years.

Seven months after Graves get the order, his best friend died. Shortly afterwards followed his son, George, who was killed in a car accident.

One day aboard the luxury display, Graves looked at the clock and said that the luxury goods it carries a lot of trouble. After Graves died, the clock was inherited by his daughter Gwendolen, and his grandson until the latter owned museum.

The clock was last auctioned in 1999 at a price of $ 11 million, was bought by Al-Thani, who is a former culture minister of Qatar. But two years ago, the High Court in London to freeze assets, related to the debt at the auction house.

He then gives hours of collection at Sotheby’s auction house, to help cover the unpaid debt. The clock was then sold in Geneva, last week, to a buyer who was not identified, for 23 million French francs, or about Rp 290 billion.