China’s Largest Mosque Imam killer sentenced to death

Chinese court sentenced to death two teenagers for allegedly involved in the murder of the cleric largest mosque in China, which is located in Xinjuang.

The judge said the two young men, Nurmemet Abidilimit (19) and Gheni Hasan (18) plays an important role in the killing of cleric named Jume Tahir, who became religious leaders in the Id Kah Mosque, the 15th century building that stands firmly in the oasis city of Kashgar, China.

“Gheni Hasan main shoot rioters groups that provide training to members and organize a terrorist organization,” said the judge, as reported by Xinhua on Monday (30/09/2014).

This ruling was dropped two months after the murders occurred and the Chinese government is firm steps to quell the radicals in the Bamboo Curtain country.

Imam Tahir finished filling stabbed when a new sermon on July 30, 2014 last. The cleric was killed for allegedly being pro-government.

While both young men. Nurmemet and Gheni known from the Uighur community were assessed frequently staged a rebellion to the government.

Violence by the rebel group has reportedly claimed 400 lives in the past year. Hundreds of people were allegedly part of the group had been arrested. While other players were shot dead by police

In a few days later, the hardness was increased in Xinjiang, which has stained the tensions between the Uighur community and Ha quarter, China.

Fifty people were killed in violent events in Xinjiang, on Sunday 21 September referred to past policies as a “serious terrorist attack. Previous events occurred in Luntai that left two people dead.

Reports from government news portal sino- uploaded on Thursday 25 September said 40 “rioters”, six civilians were killed and four policy.