Banning Players Muslim prostration Thanks, NFL apologizes

Manager of American Football League (NFL) players apologized to Muslims Husain Abdullah sanctioned celebration due prostration of gratitude. NFL stated Abdullah should not be punished for praying alongside a field.

As is known, in the NFL game between the Kansas City Chief against the new England Patriots on Monday (9/29/2014) American time, Abudullah known as a devout Muslim’s lips.

Abdullah did celebrate thanksgiving prostration (as is commonly done Demba Ba and U-19 national team in arena football) field edge after Tom Brady managed to steal the bait and then do a touchdown.

Abdullah’s actions only made 15-yard penalty for reasons deemed unsportsmanlike act. The referee’s decision to invite conversation in the media because a lot of players from other religions that pray on the pitch while celebrating not punished.

American Islamic organizations asked the NFL to explain the reason Abdullah penalty. They hope there is no double standard in the NFL.

NFL finally go to vote on this incident. NFL spokesman told ABC News apologized and reiterated Abdullah allowed prostration of gratitude.


“Husain Abdullah should not be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after the touchdown he did in the fourth quarter. Referee did not fly the flag of the players who kneel for religious reasons,” a statement from NFL spokesman Michael Signora.
NFL rules prohibit players do indeed excessive celebration and selebrasi on the ground. But the referee did not seem to see Abdullah prostrate on the edge of the field. Abdullah himself after a contest exposed himself penalized selebrasi glide to the ground not because the prostration of thanks.

Abdullah pleaded guilty selebrasi sponton prostration of gratitude because so excited after touchdown scored the second in a six-year career in the NFL.