Advan Presents the Most Affordable Tablet Windows 8.1 in Indonesia

For the tablet market, the products with the Android OS is still more desirable than the OS Windows 8 is the main cause of a more affordable price range. Though of course, both of these products can not be compared directly and has its own advantages.
To reach a broader segment of consumers, Microsoft is working with Intel and advan introduce two tablets based on Windows 8.1 that cost “populist”. Advan Vanbook Vanbook W80 and W100 comes with quad-core processors rely on Intel’s Bay Trail and the original Windows OS 8.1 which has embedded in it. Not only that, Advan also have included Microsoft Office 365 and football game FIFA 15 in the two this Vanbook.

The main difference of these two products lies in screen size and battery capacity. If Vanbook W80 8-inch screen and has a 3800mAh battery, then Vanbook W100 comes with a 9.6 screen and a bigger battery 600mAh.

The main attraction of the two lies in the price tag. For Vanbook W80, Advan plans to take it off in the number Rp2.150.000. While Vanbook W100 will be released in the price Rp2.400.000. It makes the most inexpensive tablet Windows 8.1 in Indonesia. More great again, the tablet has also been equipped with a SIM card slot so it can connect to the Internet using a data connection from the GSM operator.