7 Historic Walls of the World

1 Wall of Berlin – Germany

This wall stood firm in the city of Berlin for 28 years, as a reminder of the terrible events during the Cold War. This wall is as if the real form of the “Iron Curtain”. This wall standing start in 1921 until 1989 which ended with the destruction of this wall as a concrete action from the end of the Cold War. November 2009 This is a celebration of the end of the 20 year rule “firmly” this dividing wall.
2 Wall Kremlin – Moscow
Red brick wall of this one actually has stood for 700 years. The length of this wall reaches 1.4 miles and around Red Square. There are four gates of the medieval era are still standing strong with 20 towers along the wall. Inside these walls there dwells the mausoleum where the remains of Russia’s top leaders like Stalin and Brezhnev.
3 Western Wall – Jerusalem
Wall which is also known as the Wailing Wall, has a variety of unique history. Wall, known as al-Buraq is the place where the Prophet Muhammad maintains his own horses. While Jews assume that this wall is the wall to lament the destruction of the Jewish Synagogue.
4. Tzompantli – Mexico
In the ruins of Chichen Itza, you will find a wall Tzompantli, or Wall Skull. The history of this wall is creepy, at the time of the Maya ruling, victims of ritual skull placed inside these walls. The wall itself is decorated with reliefs of the skull and also various images of the rituals that existed at that time.
5. Hadrian’s Wall – England
This wall was built in the second century because at that time the Roman emperor, Hadrian, are tired of fighting. The walls are built stretching from the North Sea to the Irish Sea and at that time, the wall is the boundary of the Roman Empire.
6. Medinet Habu 6 – Egypt
Wall known as Medinet Habu is the last standing wall of the Temple of funeral Ramsses III. This wall was built in the 12th century BC. The high walls reaching 60 feet (nearly 18 meters) and 75,000 square feet filled with relief decoration and history
7. Large-Wall of China
Construction of the wall began in 221 BC and continues to grow until the 17 century. Newly discovered wall “fault” that had been hidden was finally has a length of 4,000 miles. Most of the wall was once used by the cyclist during the 2008 Summer Olympics.