6 Red Card Cases Most ‘Unreasonable’, Weird and Wacky

Red card a scourge on the ground. If the referee has to take it from his pocket, no one can resist out of the gridiron.

But, there are times when the court gridiron also not use it properly. And here are six red card cases are considered the most inconsequential.

Kieran Gibbs was sent off, but they are not doing anything wrong.

1. Samuel Inkoom – Dnipro vs Kaparty

It happened in 2011, Inkoom red card by the referee when going out of the field and was replaced by his partner. Cause, Ghana defender has been opened his shirt when walking towards the sidelines.

2. Kieran Gibbs – Arsenal vs Chelsea

Last season, Gibbs became a victim of carelessness referee. He was sent off, but they are not doing anything wrong. Misfortune was approached because he had the stature similar to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who accidentally banish teammate shot on goal Eden Harzard by hand.

3. Ashley Vickers – Dorchester vs Waterloovile

Intends to be a hero, Vickers instead ketiban apes. He tried to dispel an intruder who disrupt the course of action. A man ran into the middle of the field without wearing any clothes on his body. Because hard officer crippling, Vickers also provide assistance with kicking the intruder. However, the violence that actually makes the referee angry and reward with a red card.

4. Josip Simunic – Croatia vs. Australia

This one happened in the last stage of the 2006 World Cup. If usually the player had to leave the pitch when he received two yellow cards, but new Simunic did it when it was 3 times received a stern warning from the referee. Yes, the court forget the number of yellow cards were given to the Croatian defender.

5. Mbark Boussoufa – Anzhi vs Zenit

Referees are also human beings who have a heart and emotions. So it was not surprising that he was furious when there are acts insolent to him in the field. It happened in the match Zenit Anzhi cons, 2011 last. Bousouffa midfielder was sent off because they kicked the ball into the back of the referee. In fact, he also accidentally perform that action. Boussoufa actually want to give the ball to another player who will be a free kick.

6. Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer, Newcastle vs Aston Villa

For this case, the referee was confused to take a stand. The reason, he had to expel two players from the same team as getting into fights. Bowyer and Dyer fist fights in the game contra Aston Villa because it upset one of them did not play with the cooperative.