4 spicy foods for health benefits

spicy foods
For lovers of spicy food, chili or chili presence in food is an absolute must. Regardless of heartburn that may be settled, spicy food does indeed increase appetite and tempting.

The content of capsaicin in chili is the cause of burning sensation on the tongue when you eat spicy food. It turns out that capsaicin not only makes you kepedesan, but also can be healthy. Quoted from Fox News, Tuesday, September 16, 2014, the following four benefits of eating spicy foods:

1. Lose weight
In a study it was found that spicy foods can burn more calories because your metabolism can increase up to 8 percent. In addition, most people will not be able to spend a portion of spicy food, so the calories into the body a little more.
2. Healthy heart
The compound capsaicin in spicy foods can raise the heat sensation on the tongue. Burning sensation on the tongue is proven to reduce bad cholesterol. In a study by the American Chemical Society stated that the content of capsaicin can help reduce cholesterol buildup and increase blood flow by inhibiting the gene that causes narrowing of the arteries in the heart.
3. Prevent Cancer
According to data from the American Cancer Society, some spicy food shown to have properties of cancer treatments. Capsaicin has been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells causes the prostate. In addition to chili, spicy spices that contain active antioxidant curcumin also claimed to prevent cancer.
4. Lowering blood pressure
The compound capsaicin can increase nitric oxide which can protect the inflammation and lower blood pressure. Of all the spicy food, cayenne pepper fastest believed to lower blood pressure than other types of chili.