Rabu, 07 Maret 2018

Indonesia blocked Tumblr on the grounds of pornography


Social networking site and microblogging, Tumblr, was blocked in Indonesia since Monday afternoon (5/3/2018). Blocking is done because of the many complaints from the public related pornographic content in the service.

"The Ministry of Communications and Information received complaints from the public regarding pornographic content in Tumblr After searching and analyzing the content, there were more than 360 pornographic content in Tumblr," said Plt. Head of Public Relations Bureau Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Noor Iza, Tuesday (6/3/2018).

After the search, said Noor, the Kemkominfo team also found Tumblr has no reporting mechanisms and features to report pornographic content.

Until finally on February 28, 2018, the team complaints content Kemkominfo email notification to Tumblr to clear the platform from the negative content.

Until the time limit specified, the Tumblr party called has not responded to anything. "We gave the time limit for handling 2x24 hours until the time limit was granted, there was no response from Tumblr, so the blocking was done," said Noor.

Kemkominfo through Twitter on Twitter also has justified the blocking of Tumblr in Indonesia. This blocking was made against 8 DNS Tumblr on Monday afternoon (5/3/2018).

Furthermore, Noor can not confirm when Tumblr access will be reopened. However, he insists as long as there is pornographic content, the service will continue to be closed.

Nearly Blocked in 2016

Previous Kemkominfo plans to block Tumblr in February 2016 for the same reason that there is pornographic content in the service.

Kemkominfo then asked Tumblr to conduct self-censorship of pornographic content. Tumblr blocking at that time get protests from citizens.

At that time Tumblr service can still be accessed by citizens in Indonesia. Until finally, the government again to block on March 5, 2018.