Minggu, 07 Januari 2018

Samsung began to seriously develop screen roll technology

[caption id="attachment_2976" align="alignnone" width="672"]Samsung Rollable Display Samsung Rollable Display[/caption]

Samsung is one of the manufacturers that develops flexible display technology for gadgets. In addition to the type of display that can be bent, this South Korean vendor may also make the type of flexible screen, other types that can be rolled.

The existence of Samsung screens is known through patent documents that later surfaced and circulated on the internet. Patents display a tablet device shaped like an antique scroll roll, but with a flexible OLED screen instead of paper.

The flexible screen is attached to a cylindrical device body. While unused, the screen can be rolled around the body of this device, saving space compared to traditional tablets.

On the side of the device body, Samsung puts a fingerprint scanner for security purposes. Perhaps the user will have to scan the finger first before it can "roll out" the rolled screen like a mat.

LetsGoDigital, on Friday (5/1/2018), in patent, Samsung's roll-screen technology is referred to as "rollable OLED display". The operating system can use whatever is available, whether Windows 10 or Android.

In addition to Samsung, LG and Philips are also known to develop flexible display technology. However, until now there is still no device with buckling screen that is present in the market.

The tablet with Samsung's scroll display is not necessarily manifest in the form of finished products, as well as other devices that are still a patent.