Sabtu, 02 Desember 2017

Is this Galaxy Note 8 Star Wars Version?

Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi will be released by Disney next December. Along with that, Samsung is rumored to be going to take off the smartphone Galaxy Note 8 special edition themed film.

The presence of the phone is known through the upload Twitter @universelce account. From KompasTekno's observation on the uploaded image, Galaxy Note 8 will come with a tiny Star Wars robot wallpaper, BB-8.

From the leaked photos of the smartphone does not seem any significant changes in terms of design. However, Twitter account @universelce mention there will be quite a lot of changes in the Galaxy Note 8 Star Wars edition.

Samsung is said to be adding wallpapers, ringtones, and other multimedia themed Star Wars does not exist in the Galaxy Note 8 regular, as compiled KompasTekno from Sam Mobile, Wednesday (29/11/2017).

However, the existence of this phone in the smartphone market is still just a rumor. Because until now, Samsung has not provided official information about this series phone.

Previously, Samsung has issued several special edition phones with the theme of the movie that is popular.

One of them, Samsung released Galaxy S6 Iron Man edition in 2015 ago. This phone has a special design with a red phone body and the Iron Man logo on the back of the phone.

In July, Samsung also released a special edition S8 phone with the theme of the movie Pirates of The Caribbean. However, the Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean edition is just a regular smartphone that comes with casing and ring accessories and is sold with treasure chests.