Senin, 06 November 2017

Losing Again, Manchester United Miss Paul Pogba

Manchester United suffered a second defeat this season at home to Chelsea in a super big match game on Sunday (05/11/2017). Morata's single goal in the 55th minute sealed a 1-0 victory for Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Now they are behind 8 points from City in the Premier League standings. Losing two games against Huddersfield and Chelsea and a draw with Liverpool indicated a decline in performance in United's squad.

As reported from the page (06/11/2017), Gary Neville justify a decrease in the United attack side which is more due to the absence of Paul Pogba in their midfield.

Paul Pogba has not appeared with United since September. The French international midfielder had to pull over from the gridiron after suffering a hamstring injury. And no sign of him coming back any time soon.

"I think Manchester United lost in midfield against Chelsea and it is undeniable that United lost the player in that position, which is very striking because of Paul Pogba's absence." Neville said to sky sports.

"I think Pogba's loss is a big deal because of his pride and confidence to play the ball, he's got the ball in a tight area, past a few players and then thrusting the bait into the front lines."

Paul Pogba was instrumental from the start of an impressive season for Manchester United. He scored two goals and gave two assists in their first four matches in the Premier League. That's why United miss Pogba!