Sabtu, 04 November 2017

It's the latest generation Nissan Serena e-POWER engine!

Nissan upgraded the Serena hybrid system and made it an e-POWER. Serena previously had a mild-hybrid engine or they call the Smart Simple Hybrid or S-Hybrid. But now using a new hybrid system, Serena officially became a new family who joined the electrification line of Nissan.

Yes, the name e-POWER is already attached to the previous Nissan Note and its electrical technology takes from Nissan Leaf. Nissan Serena e-POWER was also using the existing technology on the Note. That is, Serena e-POWER is the second model that uses technology and bears the name e-POWER.

The e-POWER hybrid mechanism does not require battery charging like a plug-in hybrid. Rather use a small capacity gasoline engine to charge the battery for electric motors. Well, the electric motor is the main driving force of Nissan e-POWER. As in Note, Serena e-POWER will still need to be filled with gasoline, although not many claimed. Hybrid system is considered easier for consumers because there is no need to charge the battery.

Nissan has not disclosed detailed information, but claimed in its release, Serena e-POWER offers powerful and responsive acceleration for an electrically-powered MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle). In addition, Serena e-POWER is also claimed to excel in comfort and quiet spacious cabin, and efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

Latest technology Nissan ProPILOT reportedly stopped by the Serena hybrid. Autonomous driving technology is very useful to drive away via the highway. In terms of appearance, the face is marked. Precisely on the grille with the logo beraksen blue, as an electric hybrid sign. New LED back lights have also been prepared along with aluminum rims aerodynamic design. Inside the cabin, the second row captain seat is available for comfort and practicality of the cabin. Blue accents can also be found on the captain seat.

Nissan Serena e-POWER rumored to appear at the event Tokyo Motor Show 2017, of course, accompanied with complete information and other features that will be revealed there. The plan, MPV Nissan Serena e-POWER began to be marketed next year in spring in Japan or around second quarter 2018.

In Indonesia alone, Nissan Serena is marketed still a generation longer. The new generation of Nissan Serena will be launched in 2018. Is this e-POWER engine variant also sold here? Not knowing, clearly Nissan is keen to introduce hybrid-engined car in Indonesia. They even admitted to testing and preparing one of the other hybrid cars, Note for the Indonesian market.