Selasa, 21 November 2017

IPhone users complain of 'Demonic' Bill in the App Store

Some iPhone users are busy reporting. They received a 'stealth' bill from the App Store, but never made a purchase at the app store.

The first incident happened to Iskandar. When checking credit card charges BCA, he found a charge with information dated November 12, 2017. The bill is quite large, nominally Rp.399.000.

"The bills I never did I did not know the app and I did not get an invoice email from the Apple Store," said Iskandar

Iskandar also tried to contact the BCA related to the bill. The bank advised him to contact the Apple Store.

Finally, Iskandar tried to contact the Apple Store over the phone. They justify no purchase. Apple party asked Iskandar to wait 20 minutes, unfortunately there is no solution.

"My conversation has been going on for 35 minutes and the solution is not given at that time, I want to ask the Apple Store when my money will be returned," Iskandar complained.

Similar incidents are also experienced by other users named Ren. He found SMS transactions from Uber. Though he was not using the ride sharing service.

When he complained, the Uber justify no transcation. Ren then contacted the Citibank as a credit card issuer.

"Citibank said there was a transaction from iTunes, but I did not, but it can not be traced further," he said.

The iPhone maker has responded. They said immediately investigate.