Selasa, 07 November 2017

5 Latest Smartphones In November 2017

For those of you who are looking for the latest smartphone to accompany your daily life, of course confusion with some of the latest series of various brands that circulate in the market. In 2017, for example, various vendors from several countries released their latest smartphone series with their respective advantages. The price offered also varies according to the specifications brought.

Here are some of the latest smartphones with the best performance that could be an option. Even some series of this smartphone is the device most sought after by gadget lovers.

iPhone X - With a 5.8 inch screen but the dimensions of the iPhone X are no bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus with a 5.5 inch screen. iPhone X is also the first iPhone with OLED screen, Apple mentioned it as Super Retina Display.

iPhone 8 - comes with a back cover glass, supports wireless charging and fast charging, Apple A11 Bionic chipset is more powerful. Apple is improving the iPhone 8 screen technology with True Tone that will automatically adjust the display settings based on the light contained in the room for the screen to display more accurate colors.

LG V30 - This bezelless smartphone brings Full Vision Display technology, with a 6-inch OLED screen of 2880 × 1440 pixels and a new aspect ratio of 18: 9 or also called Univisium. LG V30 is also already using the world's fastest processor that Snapdragon 835 combined 4 GB of RAM.

Xperia XZ1 - This smartphone comes with a mini screen 4.6 inches 720p and is supported by the strongest Snapdragon 835 chipset combined 4 GB RAM. Instantly run Android 8.0 Oreo, IP68 certification that guarantees power, and Motion Eye 19 MP camera.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 powered Snapdragon 835 processor combined 8 GB of RAM. Mi Mix 2 carries a 5.99 inch screen.

The more the technology on the smartphone more sophisticated course. Even the camera capabilities embedded in the latest edition of the smartphone beat and replace the camera as a gadget to photograph. But for the selfie lovers, maybe gadgets from Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo be an option because the tagline that carried shows that their products prioritize front camera.