Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2015

Excited, tortoise mysterious discovery of creepy!

turtle dinosaurs
A tortoise with an unnatural shape was found on the banks of the River Armur, Leninskoye, Russia. The turtle has a creepy look with sharp shells.

Turtle that was dubbed the turtle dinosaurs. As reported by the Mirror, Saturday (07/04/2015), animal photos that had appeared in the virtual world. Many refer to the photograph is edits.

However, after a video emerged of the tortoise dinosaur that netizens believe the animal was true and not engineering. The video showing local residents who wanted to return the turtle into the river. It took a great effort so that the unique animals that can be returned to the river.

A local resident, Anastasia Steshina, who recorded the video, said the turtle was initially caught by a fisherman.

"When I heard the news, I immediately rushed to see the turtle. After I saw it, I confused the turtles or other animals, because it looks like a dinosaur, "she said.

Anastasia describes tortoise shell was rough and sharp like a crocodile. Animals that are large enough probability weighs about 175 pounds, or approximately 80 kilograms.

Anastasia and local residents claim to have never know the tortoise dinosaur Armur River region. He also believes it has a unique animal in the herd Armur River.