Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2015

4 Artists Hollywood like to wear Batik Indonesia

Batik has been the one characteristic of Indonesian culture. Beauty and art in the making, making this a global motif. Not only the people of Indonesia, even people from other parts of the world was well liked.

So, it is not wrong if batik so one by-by favorite of foreign tourists after vacation of our beloved country. Well, the Hollywood celebrity seems also not to be outdone.

Who would have thought, they are also many who are familiar with batik cloth and use it as clothing or fashion stuff. They also look very stylish. Proud of ya, see our cultural heritage is used by world-class artists. Anyone curious about them?

Reese Witherspoon

Beautiful actress who starred in the movie This Means War is indeed famous for fashion styles are chic and simple. Reese was not the type of women who want complicated in dress, because that choice of clothes is always interesting to follow. One is when he passes the summer using a mini dress blue batik.

The mother of three children combines mini dress with jacket and hat jeans casual beach fun. Coupled with the sunglasses and the flowy blonde hair blowing in the wind, Reese suggests that batik was suitable for all situations.

Jessica Alba

The beauty who has starred in dozens of film is not only have an attractive face but also tastefully dressed cool. Some time ago, the 34-year-old actress is using ovesized top made of batik cloth is white and creamy while attending an event launching a new type of car brands from Japan.

She casually strolled the red carpet and show that batik is not to be rigid, but it can be a model clothes dikreasikan whatever you want. Complete with leather boots and clutch, Jessica Alba got so many compliments on the cool appearance.

Dakota Fanning

So the antagonist in the movie Twilight Saga makes Dakota transformed from an adorable little girl became an actress to be reckoned. His eyes are sharp and his expression that total makes this pretty girl into the ranks of Hollywood's top actresses. Even so, he still likes dressed in the style of today's youth really.

Dakota had a remodel her hair into a blonde and pink. The more cute! Not only experiments on the hair, the older sister of Elle Fanning is also wearing mini skirt flares cute motif originals. Plus a white shirt and a sling bag, Dakota waltz full of charm and managed to make the paparazzi stunned.

Rachel Bilson

Queen of the series in America was never mainstream if the matter of style. He was touted as one of the best fashion style among Hollywood circles. No wonder really, because star of the series The OC and the film Jumper is almost never be a fashion disaster.

Rachel baby doll wears a soft brown batik, combined with a black cardigan and handbag color matching. She also tied her hair carelessly and wear sunglasses that simple. Super lovely!