19 military women dispatched to Lebanon

19 military women dispatched to Lebanon
Commander Gen. Moeldoko dispatched thousands of troops on a peacekeeping mission to Lebanon. Of the thousands of members of the military, 19 of them women.

One of them was Sergeant Ida Ayu who was willing to leave his family for the sake of performing the task state. 30-year-old woman was a member of the unit Ship Navy Mine Koarmabar. He claims to have 12 years of service to become a soldier.

Native women Sragen, Central Java was admitted called and honored and proud to participate in the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. Although the mother of two children had to leave his family are currently living in the Riau Islands.

He also admitted that at first it difficult to leave the family. But after receiving the full support of family eventually chose to leave for a peace mission to Lebanon.

“Family morally support other support through prayer. Then I also promise to be more powerful families stronger and families also must be strong,” said Sergeant Ida when interviewed by RTV through the lens Indonesia afternoon, December 10, 2014.

Ida sergeant admitted mission to Lebanon is a first experience serving abroad. 30-year-old woman was on duty as a non-commissioned officer who prepared a number of purposes accommodation lodging for other military members in Lebanon.

Sergeant Ida ever perform various tasks in several areas in Indonesia’s claim to have hope that in the future there will be no more war anywhere in the world.