10 Days Shrink Stomach

Shrink Stomach
Distended stomach sometimes makes us appear unsure of himself. Clothes that will be used have to be picky again to the invisible visible protruding belly. Usually we will work very hard to shrink the stomach is distended and spent quite a long time until many months.

But actually there are easy ways and we only take 10 days you know. Reported Bodlsky, here’s how:

On the first day, you should consume plenty of water. This method can build up your energy level and keep us healthy and hydrated. To burn belly fat, you have to do with running on a treadmill for 30 minutes while breathing in of stomach and release it slowly.

The second day, eat foods with lower calories and do not stop taking the water to make you remain active throughout the day. Low-calorie diet can prevent the stomach bulge.

The third day, fill your day with a variety of juices and fresh fruit smoothies. This can help to prevent excessive hunger. These tips should also be done for the next day.

The fourth day, put a menu containing wheat, such as bread wheat into asupanmu list. This method can give you the energy to exercise for 1 hour, be it jogging or running on a treadmill.

Fifth day, after wheat, try foods rich in fiber in the fifth day which will help digestion and prevent constipation memperlancarkan. Eits, and do not forget to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

Sixth Day, Eat nuts on the 6th day. Nuts contain a lot of energy, protein, vitamins to keep you healthy and fit, and can reduce hunger

Seventh Day, Vegetables something that must be included in the list because the diet can shrink the bloated stomach quickly. Eat broccoli and spinach in small portions to be used as a salad in order to stay full of energy throughout the day. Add some berries fiber intake.

Eighth day, masukanlah colorful fruits into your food menu at day 8. Fruits rich in good water to burn fat in the abdomen. Eits, yes do not forget to exercise!

Ninth day, food containing milk, such as cheese and yogurt are very important for women to prevent osteoporosis consumed. Diet by eating yogurt, milk, plus exercise is needed to burn fat in the stomach for 10 days.

Tenth day, eggs are very high in protein. So the egg is very necessary for you who are undergoing a diet program. Eggs can raise energy and burn fat in the abdomen.

Not only kesedar foods above. Everything, of course should you barengi with sports activities, ranging from mild olehraga such as jogging or running on the treadmill and others.